Hey loves. Since my last newsletter, quite a bit has happened. For starters, I finally started my journey into the self-publishing world and published two of my short stories: Into the Wild and Hunting Party. Both stories were up on my website and Patreon for a while before I took them down for publishing.

Next up is the long-awaited short story for Katie, the anonymous diary owner in Rya’s Forbidden Diary. It’s a story titled: Rogue, which will be going up on my website and Patreon this month. I plan to leave it up for a couple of weeks for VIPs and Patrons, before taking it down to publish. All three stories should be published by the end of May. I’m being strategic about publishing these three stories back to back because all three belong to the same universe, and a larger plot, that I’ve yet to reveal to you all.
For now, you’ll find my published books on Amazon and Kobo. If you happen to buy any of my books on these platforms, kindly leave a review, they help authors a lot. You can also leave a review on Goodreads without having to purchase the books. (If you’ve read them via my subscriber platforms.)

In other news, I promised on Instagram to share a few of my favorite authors and books, as well as my playlist for Rya’s Repositioning. The former will come in my next blog post, and for the latter, here are ten songs for the twelve chapters I’ve released so far. And here’s the Video Playlist on YouTube. I’ll be adding to it as updates are released.
1. Miranda – Waves by Dean Lewis (cover by Caitlin Grace.)
2. A Master, His sub and Me – Control by Natalie Taylor
3. A Master, His sub and Me – Control by Natalie Taylor
4. Pet – This is the beginning by Ely Eira
5. The Masquerade Hunt – House of the Rising Sun (cover by Sandi Thom.)
6. Merchants and Thieves – Muddy Waters by LP
7. Merchants and Thieves – Muddy Waters by LP
8. The Red Room – Desert Rose by Faouzia
9. A Change of Pace – Hallelujah by Andrea Bocelli
10. The First Domino – Believer by Imagine Dragons
11. Infiltrated – Breathe by Fleurie
12. Black Waters – Last one to know by Leah Nobel
More to come.

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