The pledges of Alpha Theta Phi stood in a row in the basement of the sorority house, blindfolded and awaiting their instructions.

It was the final night of an eight-week initiation process that had whittled the group of new members down to twelve, and at three in the morning, only a few hours remained before hell week, aptly dubbed for the week-long nightmarish tasks the initiates had to go through, was over.

The girls stood at attention, their ears perking up as footsteps approached and the basement door opened and slammed shut. Silence settled over the small group once more, and then suddenly their blindfolds were removed, one after the other, until all twelve girls were blinking in the harsh light within the room.

Before them stood the President who spoke in her signature affected tone, her voice clear and her words to the point as her Vice went down the line, handing each girl a short scroll.

“She-wolves,” their leader began, “buried around this campus are twelve scrolls bearing the creed of the sisterhood of Alpha Theta Phi, and in your hands are maps that will lead each of you to a scroll.

“Your final task is this; find your designated scroll, and bring back your creed. You have until dawn to complete your mission and return here. Failure to do so will automatically rescind your bid for a place in this sorority. Good luck.”


Outside, under the light of her phone, Allie unrolled the scroll she’d been given and studied the map in front of her. The X on the map, which highlighted the location of the scroll she was in search of, lay just on the perimeter of the school. A destination that would take her ten minutes to get to if she jogged, and far less if she chose to shift.

She was surprised by how easy their final task appeared to be. After a long tasking week of physical and mental challenges, she was more than a little surprised that this would be the culminating event.

Rolling up the scroll, she tucked it into the pocket of her short shorts and broke into a light jog.

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