On Quarantine and…Trying to Chill

I think I may have rediscovered my love for reading last year, during the quarantine, and now, about a year later, I’m glad that I did.

For a long time, I’d forgotten what drew me to books, and what a calming pastime reading is. It’s one of the few things that helps my mind to just pause and smell the roses. The world could be in chaos and all I needed to do to shut everything out was pick up a good book and enter another world entirely. It’s why I started reading as a child, it’s why I still read now. The adventure found in the new worlds one finds in books, and the thrill of living vicariously through the characters of a story, are simply priceless.

In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite authors and books in the erotic romance genre, seeing as that’s the niche within which I write, and therefore have in common with my readers. But, just in case you were wondering, some of the other genres I love to delve into are, fantasy, paranormal and legal thrillers … we can talk about those in another post someday.

Before 2020, it felt like it had been years since I’d picked up a book to read, at least one that I didn’t write, and after browsing through the reading apps on my phone, I settled on a series that I’d started before but hadn’t completed. The book series is titled; ‘Brie’s Submission’ by Red Phoenix. It’s a BDSM erotic romance series, and let me tell you the word “steamy” doesn’t begin to cover the heat in Red’s books. The first three books came free in a box set and I devoured the entire set in about two days…and then I went back for the next couple of books in that series. I purchased several. I haven’t yet finished the series, (because there are a lot of books in the Brie’s Submission series and the story is still ongoing,) but I intend to get back to it as soon as I’ve achieved some of my writing goals for this year. If you’re into BDSM erotica, you’ll thank me for this rec.

Next, I went surfing for more authors, because once I’d discovered Red, I wanted to find out which other authors were out there that wrote to my specific tastes in erotic fiction. What other author could eloquently capture the angst of romance, the wildness of erotica, and the beauty and darkness of love — or lust? I didn’t look far or long before I found Kitty Thomas. I’d been following her for a while on Twitter, and meaning to check out her books. Kitty’s writing is dark and daring. Her books grip you from the start and draw you willingly — or unwillingly into a whirlwind of forbidden desire. You’ll question the actions of some of her characters, you’ll question yourself for reading, you might even chastise yourself for enjoying the story, but, if you’re a lover of dark, wild erotic romance, putting one of Kitty’s books down will not be the route that you take.

Cleo Peitsche. I only had to read one book of hers, ‘Office Toy,’ before I placed her smack dab on my favorite authors’ shelf. The only way that I can describe Cleo’s writing is to say that she writes with abandon. Picture a scene in which you’re having messy, carefree sex in a world where billionaire sex gods abound, then add a dash of romance and bold, lusty courting. That’s Cleo’s writing in a nutshell. It’s euphoric, contemporary, and panty-wrenching.

During my search, I discovered more authors whose books, and writing, I’ve taken an interest in. One of them is J.R Ward, and I’m currently on the eighth book in her vampire/paranormal series titled; ‘The Black Dagger Brotherhood.’ Although her books are sometimes classed as erotic works, I’d say J.R is more of a romance writer than an erotic one. While entirely entertaining, her books mostly just go through the regular romance beats and tend to skim past most of the sex scenes. Meanwhile, I’m a sucker for long hot sex scenes, just ask anyone who has read any of my books. Wink wink.

Even though I have a few more authors in mind, I’ll end this post here, because these other authors and their books are still on my TBR list and haven’t been vetted by my erotic scale. I’ll be back with more book babies and author darlings for you, but in the meantime, feel free to pass the time with these amazing authors and their many, many books.

Talk soon, dolls.

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