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A Young Girl.

A Curious Mind.

An Illicit Desire...

Rya’s life changes the day she moves into her new home and discovers an old forgotten journal.

Captivated by the words of a complete stranger and fueled by her curiosity, she follows her desire for sexual adventure into a world of uninhibited sexual gratification.

There she finds herself within a new reality, unprepared for it's inherent risks and dangers, and treading the line between pleasure and pain…

And Between Lust And Love.


Seven years after her adventurous summer, Rya, now a medical biochemist, is looking forward to a great new job and a quiet life.

But fate may just have other ideas for her, as her carefully laid plans are threatened, first by a ruggedly hot and broody retired army doctor and then by a past which she'd thought she'd left behind.


It's been two years since Rya said the words 'I Do.' Two years in which she has enjoyed a rising career and the undying devotion of the love of her life. Two years since she became Mrs. Black and entered the world of the rich, powerful and famous.

But with a high profile life, a demanding job, and an illicit sexual past-time, come the attendant dangers and risks, as Rya soon discovers when members of their clandestine social circle begin to fall prey to machinations designed to tear apart their perfect sexual order.

With rumors of unusual sexual activity, a rising spread of sexually transmitted diseases within their circle, a blackmailer on the loose threatening to expose details of their secret lives to the public, and a questionable pregnancy, Rya finds her career on the line as she and Derek face the biggest strain yet, on their lives and marriage.

As Derek and select members of the barn form new alliances and close ranks to weed out the infiltrator, Rya quickly learns that with life at the top, there's nowhere else to go but down.

Find out what happens in the ever after!