About Me

I'm a writer who loves to create sensual worlds and uninhibited characters in the romance, thriller, fantasy, and paranormal genres of erotic fiction. You'll find that some of my books are light and fun, while others are darker than night and verging on the taboo. Whichever one you get, you are guaranteed a hard, wild ride.


I'm inspired by anything and everything: books, music, artwork, nature, photography, conversation, lazy Sunday afternoons...

Above all, I'm inspired by the freedom to create new worlds and exciting characters, and the exhilaration of bringing their stories to life as I see them in my mind. It all converges to keeps the figurative pen in hand, and the ink flowing.

I write because I must. Otherwise, my characters and their stories live in my mind, poking and prodding at me until I let them out. I write for release. I write because I love it. I write because I must."

D.H Kel