Hot. Sensual. Thrilling.

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Her Dirty Mechanic

Leah isn’t looking for love. Especially not in the small humdrum town where her good friend lives. But one weekend with a brooding mechanic — and his chiseled abs and invisible scars — is all it’ll take to change her mind…and her heart.

For Malcolm Harrison, there were two things he didn’t fuck with; his old, backward hometown of Milford…and white women. Which is why when Leah Campbell arrives at his garage with a broken down car and a proposition, he knows that accepting her offer is out of the question.

Upcoming Book

An offshoot from the bad-girl series

The setting is Miami. And the name of the game, submission.

Beneath Natalya’s active sex life sits a slew of dark unfulfilled fantasies and a hunger she doesn’t dare define. Each one darker and more shameful to her than the last. 

Until she meets Ethan.

He was a puzzle of a man, as far as opinions went. A danger, people said. Aloof. Undefined. His desires, too dark. His manner, too rough. His tastes, too risqué. He demanded absolute control. He took and rarely gave…

So the whispers went, citing unflattering traits of the stranger which were meant to dissuade, but which called to the girl inside her. The one with the obscene cravings that Natalya didn’t have the courage to acknowledge or give into. 

The girl she hid underneath the mask of a perfect sub.