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Dive into seductive worlds dripping with heat.


The Men-of-Donna Series

Five Men. Five Women. A House of Debauchery And A Whole Lot More!

Jasper’s Claim
Breaking into Sky
Craving Delphine

The Bad-Girl Series

A Young Woman. A Curious Mind. An Illicit Desire.

Rya’s Forbidden Diary
Playing for Rya
Rya’s Repositioning

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The Men-of-Donna Series

Book Four of The Men of Donna Series

Maximilian Butler, the cold, ruthless, powerful and dangerous billionaire catches the eye of Ice queen, India when he denies a stranger a job because she refused to engage in a dalliance with him. 

The stranger? 

Sophia. India’s best friend.

Incensed by his indiscretion and determined to bring him and his corporation down, India sets out on a mission of revenge.